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  • Tech/Nadia Shouraboura
    CEO of Hointer, the ex-Amazon VP of Technology laid the groundwork for it's famous operations
  • Non-Profit/JJ Hanley
    Trader on Wall Street, documentarian, and founder of JJ's List
  • Entrepreneurship/Flowers for Dreams
    Social entrepreneurs Steven Dyme and Joey Dickstein

Milennial Mafia

Ben Franklin generation? Insufferably self-centered? People love writing about milennials, and who can blame them, we are a fascinating and polarizing generation. But as much as milennials love to consume content, we don't have a concentrated platform documenting our own existence. Lady Mafia is cooking up a podcast to share our perspective of life and history from a milennial perspective, to capture the thoughts and experiences of our richly diverse network of milennial friends and colleauges. Stay tuned!

About Lady Mafia

Violence and drug connotations aside, when you think of the word mafia you might associate it with a sense of mystique, an ubiquitous but unseen force, an invisible network of individuals, a powerful whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. A formal definition is hard to come by, as elusive as a mafia itself. Generally defined, a mafia is a closed group of people in a particular field, having a controlling influence. In the age of information, we think it’s important to document the contributions of people who we are deeming members of the LADY MAFIA: women and men who are making the world better, who are doing courageous things in the name of human flourishing, who embody the spirit of the invisible force of femininity that has upheld the humanity even in the darkest days of history. The invisible, potent, and often non-accredited impact of the people we will write about has a mafia-like quality that we want to celebrate.